talk about love

this is my first note about love that comes from my mind by myself
what is love?
thats a question always wonders on my mind…
for you,if u really love a girl,u must be expect for ur love to become so romantic like in titanic movie
when u saw a movie,u must be imagining that the boy in the movie was u,and the girl was ur love.
maaan,if u do….
we’re the same
but to me,if i love one girl,i will ask for nothing from that girl..
all i want is that girl to have a good habit,behaviors to me and others and wanna have a serious relationship wimme
its so hard to find a girls like that
in my age,all teens think love is something that we can play
not all,but most of them…
the proof is they’re in relationship wit girl,and after that they broke up so easy after 5-6 months..
and also i want to have an adventure wit the girls i like
like in avatar movie,u know it rite?
thats a perfect adventure
when i heard the song tittled i see u,i keep imagining when me and my love havin some adventures in weird but beautiful world like in the movie..
theres must be a sad story,or a happy story in ur love story
all u need to do is to understand each other
ok,i dunnno what else to say
this note is stupid,but it comes directly from my mind -__-
and also if my english was bad,forgive me
coz i can only say things like this in english


~ by dodidul on January 21, 2011.

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