whats worst about love

i always thinking bout this

i wrote this because i feel something,its like a weird feeling that i dunno how to work it out..

whats worst about love?

u know when our love is not going well,its not because of us,its not because we’re not understand each other,its because our parents..

thats one of ungoing well love reaseons

our parents not agree,its because of what?

it can be because our GF not beautiful,not smart,or whatever

but from what ive seen so much,its because a different religion,or aparthead..



u know what,thats a stupid quote

but what if when we’re going to married,our parents r not agree wit the woman we’ve choose?

can we just ran away from them,and married like in the movie?

i dunno why it sounds stupid and weird…

why our parents always not agree when we’ve choose someone that have a different race with us?

they cant decide it,i mean its our live and we’re the one who decide..

what happened wit different race?

r we still in war because different race?

thats idiot

i dunno why i write this DAMN THING -__-

~ by dodidul on January 23, 2011.

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